About Us

Formerly Trips for Kids Santa Cruz, Community Bike Collective is an all volunteer nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of kids, their families and our community.

VISION: Through bicycling we foster a positive, safe, multigenerational norm that contributes to the health of our community and environment.

MISSION: We connect youth, families and communities to the joy of biking in our local community and the great outdoors while advocating for a safer, healthier, and happier community.

We provide the equipment, transportation, moral support and skills instruction to help kids discover mountain biking and the great outdoors.

We mentor kids on a mountain bike and give them an opportunity to learn new skills and overcome challenges.

We believe the trust, self-confidence, and enjoyment of mountain biking will lead to greater change in the lives of youth.

Please join us in our mission to change lives through riding a bike.

Donate today or sign up to volunteer.


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